ManDingo vs Tiffany Minx

I'm guessing Tiffany Minx REALLY enjoyed this scene with ManDingo. She takes him very deep, very fast, and even fucks ManDingo back some.

The whole scene is pretty solid, from the blow-job at the start, the missionary on the couch, all the way through to Doggy-Style and Tiffany on top.

This scene can be found on the DVD Title "Tiffany and Cumpany", and I'm guessing from the Title, Tiffany may have hand picked ManDingo for this scene, i wonder why? lol

Enjoy :P


Anonymous said...

i truly enjoy your galleries! could you please post some more? the other ones on "girlswholovemandingo" =)

Anonymous said...

could you post the scenes instead of vidcaps...were on 2011..not the 80s. what good vidcaps do these days anyway.